Pikachu App Download for Android [Latest v83]

If you go to Google and search by writing Pikachu App Download, then you get a lot of websites from where you can download Pikachu APK, but if you have come to download Pikachu App on our website also, then stay in this post because when you go from this website, then you will download Pikachu APK in your mobile.

Pikachu App is famous for watching premium content for free all over the world and you will know if you want to see any premium content on your mobile in today’s time, then you will have to subscribe to the OTT platform for it, after which you can see any premium content.

But today we have such an app available through which we can see and download all kinds of premium content, for this, we will have to download the Pikachu app only on our mobile, after which we can see the premium content.

Pikachu App Info

Package Namecom.offshore.pikachu
Size12 MB
Supported OSAndroid
Download5 Million

What is Pikachu App?

Pikachu App is a premium app that shows content such as live sports, web series, Hollywood Bollywood movies, and TV shows. With the help of this app, we can also watch the latest relace movies on our mobile or computer.

By the way, you should know that the Pikachu App is similar to Pikashow and Picasso in appearance and if the Pikashow APK and Picasso APK are available on your mobile, then you will not need to download the Pikachu App at all.

Pikachu App Download Latest v83

Pikachu App Download for Android [Latest v83]

Downloading the Pikachu App is not a big deal, it can be easily downloaded by anyone through Google, but if you try to download the Pikachu App through the Play Store, then there can be a problem because the Pikachu APK is not available on Google, due to which you can not do the Pikachu APK Download.

But you can search by writing Pikachu App Download Latest v83 through the internet browser, after which you can go to any website and download Pikachu App.

How to Install Pikachu App

When we download any app using a 3rd party website, we have to install that app manually on our mobile, after which we can use it on the mobile and the Pikachu app that you have downloaded will also have to be installed manually.

You do not know how to install Pikachu App manually, so you can follow the step below in a good way and install Pikachu APK on your mobile.

  • To install the Pikashow App, we have to go to Settings first.
  • After which, in the search, install unknown apps and search.
  • Now you have to allow permission to install unknown apps.
  • After which you have to click on the Pikachu APK file that you have downloaded.
  • Then you will get to see the install button in front of you, on which you have to click on it, now the Pikachu App will be installed on your mobile.

Pikachu APK Features

  • Watch movies of any language on your mobile using the Pikachu APK.
  • Live Sport is watched by a lot of people today and you can watch any live sports with the help of the Pikachu APK.
  • Download the Pikachu APK to your mobile to watch premium and exclusive web series.
  • The Pikachu APK is very easy to use on any Android mobile.
  • Live TV or any TV show can be viewed by downloading the Pikachu APK.


How to Download Pikachu APK?

Pikachu is an app that everyone wants to download and you can come to our website to download the Pikachu APK and download it in 1 click.

How to Update Pikachu App Latest Version?

It is very easy to update the Pikachu App, you can update the Pikachu App to the latest version by visiting our website.

Is the Pikachu App Safe?

Yes, if you want to use the Pikachu App, you can do it because this app is entirely safe.

How to use Pikachu App?

To use the Pikachu App, first download and install it on your mobile, then open the Pikachu App, after which you will get the information within the Pikachu App from which you can learn how to use the Pikashow APK.

How to watch TV in Pikachu App?

For this, first of all, you have to open the Pikachu App, then you will get to see the option of Live TV in the footer menu on which you have to click, then you can see it by clicking on whichever TV channel you want to see.


We are not the developer of the Pikachu App and do not own this app and we have written this post only for the purpose of giving information on our pikashowapk.info website.

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